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Medication Updates from Michael at Apple A Day Virtual Clinic


Hi, I wanted to introduce myself and let you know some of the things that are happening with Apple-A-Day Virtual Clinic.  More specifically, what is happening with getting you your medication.

First, I’m Erika’s husband, and father to our two children.  I have been actively serving in the United States Air Force Medical Service for the past 13 years. Most recently, Erika and I have chosen to transition to the Air Force Reserves. We feel this will allow more time to be devoted to supporting and addressing the issues that impact our valued customers (you).

We understand that the past few months have become more and more challenging to get you your medications. Nationwide heat waves, packaging issues, seeming variance in amounts have been frequent frustrations for you and us.

Erika and the team have worked very hard over the past year to negotiate with many pharmacies to bring you the lowest cost on these very expensive weight loss medications. It has been her vision and the vision of this company that if we can reduce obesity in America, we can increase people’s quality of life, and reduce healthcare costs to the nation.  Her multifaceted approach and your commitment will achieve these goals. Thousands like you are living healthier fuller lives. Our commitment to you is to bring readily available high-quality healthcare.

We are committed to partnering with pharmacies that deliver high-quality products, finding the best prices, and passing those savings on to our patients.  That said, our main pharmacy has changed the amount of Tirzepatide (Mounjaro) able to be shipped directly to patients. This is due to compliance with FDA regulations that limit the beyond-use-date (BUD) to 45 days. This is why many of you have only received partial orders.  Rest assured you will receive everything you paid for.  The pharmacy has committed to shipping you more to fulfill your total order but at the rate set by the FDA. This change is also forcing us to change our pricing and how we order in the future. The cost will remain the same but be spread over the new dosing schedule.

The hope is that these changes will not only allow for compliance with the FDA but also reduce the previous bottleneck and have a more fluid flow to patients. Ultimately, we think these changes will ensure no break in timely delivery and use of medication for you, our patient.

We truly appreciate your commitment to your health, trusting Apple-A-Day, and your understanding.

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