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How Much Protein Should I Consume?

Have you ever found yourself stuck?  Feel like you’re doing all the things but not seeing any changes to your body?  You’re doing the exercise, possibly even lifting weights, and feel you’re eating healthy but nothing changes? Or maybe you are dieting quite a bit and feel sluggish and tired?  Well, this can easily happen when are missing key nutrients.  


protein pic 1 So, how much protein should I be consuming daily?

A healthy amount of protein is quoted to be about 90-150 grams per day or 30-50 grams per meal three times per day.  Below this amount, your body may not have the raw ingredients necessary to build sufficient skeletal muscle…which can make you far more vulnerable to injury.  Combine this with what most people do, which is a high cardio, low strength exercise routine, and we are largely under our nutritional needs as a society.  

Many Americans eat just one or two meals per day, skipping meals quite often due to busy work/life schedules or just eating less thinking that is the key to weight loss.  Your body can only absorb so much nutrition at one time.  This means they are likely eating more in those one or two meals, therefore, not absorbing all the nutrition they consume, which results in a deficiency in actual nutrition and protein!  

This is easy to fix by adding an appropriate amount of protein for your body for each meal throughout your day. It is best to have at least 3 meals per day to ensure you are consuming enough protein and nutrients. This way your body has the ability to absorb this nutrition appropriately and use it to help build lean muscle.  Keep in mind, however, not all protein sources are created equal.  

protein 2 pic Does adding more protein to your diet help with weight loss?

If you are looking to lose weight, protein is critical to your nutrition for a number of reasons.  Protein can help metabolism, build muscle, and keep you feeling fuller.  People who add more protein to their diet, lose more weight.  


If you are looking to improve your nutrition, build muscle, or lose weight and would like help balancing your macronutrients, come talk to us and let us craft a plan for you! 

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